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News Articles

Video. YouTube of Nothing to see here TV October 2011

Article. Michael Lloyd North Shore Times December 2010

Article. Michael Lloyd RNZFB Outlook Magazine December 2007
Article. Michael Lloyd North Shore Times 7 December 2007
Article. Michael Lloyd New Zealand Herald 25 October 2007
Article. Michael Lloyd North Shore Times 8 August 2006
Article. Michael Lloyd Morth Shore Times 25 July 2006

This page contains a collection of links that relate to running, blindness or helpful websites that assisted me during the creation of this site.

Running related sites and articles

New York City Marathon Website
Achilles Track Club NZ Website
Cool Running NZ website for upcoming running events
Auckland marathon Website
YMCA Marathon Club Website
Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence NZ Races website
Shoe Science Website
The Marathon Bible Website
Marathon training for time improvement website
Running training and coaching tips website
Article. Running On Empty

Other Blind Runner's Websites and News Articles

Rob Matthews (Blind Runner) Website
Tim Prendergast (Blind Runner) Blog site
Marathon Resources for Runners who are Blind
Article. Blind Runner Tackles The Winnipeg Marathon
Article. Running blind: Mark eyes Everest Marathon
Article. Blind Runner Favorite In National Marathon
Article. NEW YORK CITY MARATHON. Runner Is Thrilled to See Potholes as Well as His Competitors - New York Times
Article. Blind Marathon Runner Finishes 134th In New York Marathon
Article. Achilles and the New York Marathon
Guiding a blind runner tips Website

General Blindness Related Sites

Royal New Zealand Foundation Of The Blind
Blind Sport New Zealand Website

Website Related Links

Sites that provided free assistance to me during the creation of this website in exchange for a recognition link on the site.

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