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Runner gets support for Marathon bid

8 August 2006 - By Kim Reed

Mike Lloyd is on track to run the New York Marathon thanks to the response from readers of the North Shore Times.

On July 25, the newspaper featured a story about Mr Lloyd, who has limited sight, and his search for runners to help him with his training.

Peter Loft is with the Achilles Track Club, which encourages people with disabilities to do long distance running, and says he was “over the moon” with the response.

“About 17 people have contacted me and more calls are coming in”.

“We have so many people interested. We don’t want to lose them and are hoping to find more athletes with disabilities to team them up with,” he says.

Mr Lloyd met some of the runners last Sunday. The next day he was out on his first training run around Lake Pupuke with three of the runners keen to help. He ran 5.8km in 33 minutes.

“It’s new for them and new for me, but everyone is keen to give it a blast.”

“One guy works for the Navy and says he knows heaps of blokes who run every day and if I ever need anyone to help, to give him a yell,” says Mr Lloyd.

People can track Mr Lloyd’s progress through a link to his web page which can be found on the Achilles Track Club website: